Titanium Marine Technologies - Who are we?

welded titanium shell and tube cooling system


All Titanium, all the time.

Titanium Marine technologies designs and manufactures high quality, titanium-based heat exchangers for a broad range of marine applications.  Markets include commercial, luxury yachts, military, fishing and passenger vessels around the world.  Applications range from engine, machinery and exhaust cooling to air conditioning and refrigerated sea water systems.

The company is led by Tim Mournian, its founder and President. Tim holds a Chief Engineer’s license (USCG) as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, both from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA.  Most of his career has been spent in offshore Oil & Gas exploration and shore side engineering and facilities management

Ten-year warranty on all products

Titanium Marine Technologies has changed the way that mariners think about heat exchangers.  The company offers a unique, 10-year warranty on its Titanium products, made possible by its toughness.  Product delivery is generally faster than competitive offerings and customer satisfaction is achieved through a passion for quality and attention to detail.    Titanium’s slightly higher cost is more than offset by its lower “Total Cost of Ownership”.  Traditional Cupro-Nickel and Stainless Steel exchangers will not last as long and the recurring replacement costs ultimately exceed the price of Titanium solutions.

Company History

In August of 1974 Tim Mournian left for what should have been a 60 day commercial fishing trip out of San Diego, CA.  103 days later the F/V Marco Polo returned to port with half a load of fish, a large fuel invoice and an unpaid grocery bill; all costs to be shared equally amongst the crew.  But, no matter that he had only “Broken even”, Mournian was hooked on sailing the deep blue seas. 

With his Engineering degree in hand, he sat for and received his 3rd Engineer’s license in 1980 and began his life long association with all things marine.  He worked on offshore drilling rigs for a total of 8 years, ultimately reaching the level of Chief Engineer, Limited. 

During these years Mournian saw first-hand the damage that sea water can wreak on shipboard equipment.  After coming ashore, Mournian started ICE Products in 1989, manufacturing titanium heat exchangers with a focus on large capacity marine refrigeration.  His first customer was a San Diego based Tuna Seiner with an Ammonia refrigeration system.  The customer base was subsequently expanded to include tugs, ferries, yachts, more fishing boats and even US Navy combat ships. Where ever sea water is present, Titanium has a role to play in heat exchanger construction.

Since 1988, ICE Products sold heat exchangers across North & South America, South East Asia, MENA and Europe.  The company was re-branded “Titanium Marine Technologies” in 2019, after relocating to Texas in 2017.  For over the past thirty years, Mournian has built Titanium condensers, chillers, engine & gear box coolers and A/C components for boats and ships all over the world.

Product Expansion

Expansion of the product line has brought forward new solutions ranging from Wet Exhaust Nozzles, Refrigerated Sea Water systems, Sea Chest Strainers, and even light weight Hydraulic Cylinders.  Titanium is always the core material and longevity and lowest total cost of ownership are always the benefits.   Titanium Marine continues to innovate and expand its market footprint.  New distributors, reps and OEM’s are always being sought with an eye towards providing a better customer experience.