Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) Systems

rsw cooling system

RSW Cooling Systems

Quickly cooling down hot fish and freezing it “rock solid” requires a robust Refrigerated Sea Water system (RSW).  From Tuna to Billfish, Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel or Menhaden; quick cooling is the best way to preserve the quality of the catch and maximize the cash value at the dock.  Cooling fish products is where we got our start, working with the large Tuna Seiners out of San Diego.  We converted the boats to Titanium shell and tube condensers and in the process, ended the 5 year replacement cycle that the fleet accepted as ‘normal’.

Titanium RSW systems provide a rapid temperature drop, trouble free operation and a long service life.  The chillers and the condensers are impervious to sea water or brine corrosion, and the large tube diameters prevent tube freezing caused by debris and fish entrails.

Large RSW systems often use Ammonia (a Green refrigerant), where Copper is not an option.  Titanium is the universal material for Ammonia, Freon’s or Carbon Dioxide cooling systems.  It is 50% lighter and produces more capacity in a given space.   Most importantly, it will never wear out!

Titanium Marine provides RSW cooling systems for a variety of marine vessels.  We can provide high capacity Flooded and DX chillers, as well as Condensers, all in sizes from 15 to 450 Ton capacity.


Your diesel main engines and generators need efficient cooling for long service life. Rejecting engine heat to the ocean requires thousands of gallons per hour of sea water flowing through the jacket water and turbo intercoolers. Traditional copper-nickel engine coolers will fail over time and can pump raw sea water INTO the engines and auxiliaries.

This type of failure can cost tens of thousands of dollars and months out of service. With titanium jacket water and turbo intercoolers, you will have the most robust heat exchangers available. Your engines will run cooler and your valuable assets will be protected.